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Will my pets still receive their medications while I am away?

Of course, medications are dispensed according to the prescription. 
Insulin injections will incur a $1.50 charge per injection.


Is there a charge for additional pets?

No way, the more the merrier!  However, a party of pets may need additional care and time.  Hourly visits are available.


Why is a pet sitter better than a kennel?

At home, your pet has familiar surroundings, a good snuggle place, and familiar sounds.   A kennel can be scary for a pet - also, it is very easy for them to come home ill.


How far ahead should I book services?

I like to meet a pet at least one week before a trip, but I can hold a space for you months in advance.  A pet sitting service is on a first come basis; holidays can be very busy so I recommend the earlier the better.


What does a visit include?

Fresh food and water, medications, pick-up yard or scoop litter box, mail and newspaper pickup, water plants, check front for packages, flyers etc,, adjust blinds or lights to make your home look occupied, a walk or playtime, and of course, love!


Can I check on my pets while I am gone?

Yes!!   I welcome Moms and Dads to call to see how the kids are doing. 


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